Hard Hat

For demanding repair, maintenance and assembly work

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Product benefits

  • High wearing comfort and maximum wearing acceptance
    • by 6-point textile tape with central suspension
  • Easy resizing
    • Adjustable neck strap with push-lock system
  • Pleasant wearing climate under the helmet
    • through 6 ventilation openings
  • Targeted water drainage
    • Circumferential rain gutter
  • Light weight
  • Equipped with a sweatband made of absorbent fleece
  • Possibility to attach accessories
    • Fastening device for chin strap
    • 30 mm socket for hearing protection


  • Recommended service life in continuous use: 2 years from the date of purchase, otherwise max. 5 years from the date of manufacture (see date on the helmet)
  • Note: A safety helmet must be discarded after an accident or after a severe impact or impact.¬†This also applies in the event that no external damage is visible.