Rim Cleaner – 25L

For demanding repair, maintenance and assembly work

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Application areas

  • Powerful and intensive cleaning of steel rims, painted aluminium rims, hubcaps

Product benefits

  • Removes stubborn brake dust, road dirt, oil, grease and other dirt
  • Has an anti-corrosive effect
  • Waste water can be fed into the sewage system via the 3-stage coalescence separator
  • Silicone, AOX and acid free
  • Hand sprayer is ready to use, quick and practical to use
  • Large containers are concentrates, see processing instructions for dosage

Processing instructions

  • Dosage depending on the degree of soiling 1:10 to 1:20 with water. Apply the cleaning solution to the dry rims. After 2-3 minutes exposure time, the loosened dirt must be rinsed off with plenty of water or a high-pressure cleaner. Berner rim cleaner active works synergistically with water, so it should not be used in concentrated form. Do not apply to warm surfaces. Don’t let it dry out.


  • Colour: greenish
  • Odour: characteristic, mild The rim cleaner is not suitable for polished and chrome-plated aluminum rims
  • Do not use the rim cleaner on unpainted motorcycle rims